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Solor has helped e-MDs® based practices across the country increase their collections significantly. A 3-provider pediatric group has seen its revenue increase by an average of 44% per month. Another 3 provider group has seen its collections increase over 80%. Here’s what that practice had to say about Solor:

“After feeling helpless for weeks you and Solor have renewed my desire to try to make things happen again. I really needed that. Thanks for riding in on your white horse…..we slept better last night!”

Case Study #1:
It was the typical two-provider internal medicine practice: Two providers performing excellent services to their happily satisfied patients. Their biller had just left of her own accord and now the practice was stuck with a choice. Do they hire another person to take over or do they outsource their billing? They chose to hire Solor.

The Solor staff came in and did an immediate practice analysis looking at claims submissions data, posting habits, unnecessary write-offs. Solor soon found that the previous biller had stopped filing secondary insurances months before she left. None of the owners or staff had any idea. Solor began the process of cleaning up the secondary inactivity and within a few months of coming on board, less than 9.3% of the practice’s accounts receivable were more than 180 days old. The owner was quoted as saying that Solor was “A gift from God. If you ever need a reference, put me at the top of the list!”

–Mark Zawodniak, MD- Ashe Internal Medicine, Jefferson, NC 

Case Study #2
A small one-provider family medical practice was struggling. Their billing was being done by someone with great intentions but little formal training. The result: the practice was barely able to keep the doors open. Enter Solor.

The Solor staff sat down and looked at the revenue for the practice and discovered that a large amount of insurance payments had never been posted to the correct accounts. Patient billing statements had not been sent out in three years!!! In six months, Solor has trimmed the practice’s insurance accounts receivables by 50%. The results of corrected claims and proper filing have led to over $36,000 in patient payments over a four-month period. “Thanks for all you do.”

–Ms. Outen, Office Manager, Family Medical Center, Marshville NC

They assumed that they were just a struggling practice and that things would get better with time. Things DID get better . . . when Solor joined their team.

It’s one thing to beat our own drum, but what do our established clients think of Solor’s services?

Other Thoughts From Our Clients:

“Solor has been the BEST BUSINESS DECISION we have made.”  -Dr. Mobley

“During my 35 years of practice I witnessed the dramatic evolution in the business side of medicine.  It now demands the expertise Solor offers to navigate the complicated web of billing and collections.  When they came in, Solor cleaned up my accounts receivable and from then on we never looked back.  Highly recommended!”  -Tommy Megremis, M.D.

“Solor has provided meticulous, professional and expert billing and collections service for my internal medicine practice.  Your employees have been consistently responsive, helpful, pleasant and patient in working with my staff and myself.  Not only has my collection rate gone up but my staff has never been so satisfied and comfortable in dealing with billing issues.  I highly commend you on the wonderful service you provide and would certainly recommend Solor to my colleagues.” – Lee S. Freedman, M.D.

“It was a pleasure working  with you and your team.  Your help was invaluable, especially  for a sole practitioner like me. ” -Dr. Kosaraju

“Everyone is so nice and really informed on insurance matters.” -Dot, Receptionist

“We are very pleased with their excellent service.” -Susan, FNP

“Thank you so very much! You and your staff have been great. You certainly have seen me through some tough days/times and are gracious. Most importantly, you have been patient — Thank you for that.” -Debi, Receptionist

“Thank you for all your help with our new office.” -Allison, Office Manager

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