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Blogging Tips for e-MDs Practices: Why It’s Important

Blogging should be done by every e-MDs practice, big or small.

“Did you see that tweet?”  “Like Us!”  “You need to check out this guy’s blog!”

The world of marketing, yes even in the medical profession, is going the way of social media and the internet.  If you haven’t set up your practice on Facebook and Twitter, you need to.  There are plenty of resources out there to help get you started with those two social media giants.  Blogging (Web-logging) is less out there and in your face, yet an important part of conveying your message to current (and future) patients.  Blogging is simply a way to get any thoughts, ideas, or information out to people who are browsing the internet.  By providing nutritional tips, notes on medicines, or new breakthroughs, you can show your community that your practice not only cares about them, and is also on the cutting edge of the medical community.

Here are some tips for helping you get started with your blog:

Enjoy and happy Blogging!!

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