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If your billing department isn’t consistent and transparent, chances are you are not maximizing your reimbursement. Please read below about our frequently asked questions about Solor.

Is CGM eMDs® your preferred billing platform?

Yes. We specialize by billing for CGM eMDs® practices. Some of our employees have been using the product since 2003. Solor has been helping e-MDs® practices find revenue cycle management solutions since 2006.

Just because CGM eMDs clients are where we started, doesn’t mean we’re limited to those practices.  We can provide billing services for multiple platforms.  Ask us how we can customize a plan for you.

Do we have to use CGM eMDs® to use Solor’s billing services?

Absolutely not!  The startup costs are slightly higher and it requires a little different procedure but is 100% doable!

What specialties do you bill for?

In our nearly 20 years in business, Solor has provided services for the following specialties:

  • Family Medicine
  • Internal Medicine
  • Pediatrics
  • Urology
  • OB/GYN
  • Rheumatology
  • Psychology
  • Dermatology
  • Pain Management
  • Physical Medicine
  • Wound Care
  • Hyperbaric Medicine
  • Pathology
How fast can you get us up and running?

Solor can start immediately! From start to finish, the amount of time will vary, depending on the individual circumstances surrounding each client. Typically, if you are already on e-MDs®, the turnaround time is around 2-3 business days. We can give you a more specific time period once we have the opportunity to analyze your individual practice.

How does Solor communicate with our practice?

We communicate primarily via taskman. That way, every correspondence is easily tracked. You can always feel free to call or email us as well.

How does Solor document its activity?

All communications and documentation are performed within the e-MDs® system via docman and e-MDs® Bill. This ensures that all communications with insurance companies as well as with you and your staff are clearly documented and tracked.

How much does Solor charge?

Each practice’s rate will be slightly different based on the number providers and the volume produced each month. Click here (this will be a hyperlink to our contact form page) to get a quote.

Why do you charge a registration fee (set up)?

When you first contract for our services there will be many procedures that need to be followed. This can include getting you set up with EHR, with insurance carriers, creating in-house forms, establishing your fee schedule, and creating your database… just to name a few! We invest a tremendous amount of time and energy providing these services to you, all of which take place before generating your first claim, and feel that we should be fairly compensated for doing so.

What are some benefits and cost savings with Solor?

With Solor, you don’t pay any additional e-MDs® fees. Additionally, Solor pays all of your clearinghouse costs. That’s a savings of roughly $175.00 per month per provider. As an added bonus, a Solor staff person will travel to your practice and spend an entire day with your staff to go over procedures as well as perform basic e-MDs® training- FREE OF CHARGE.

How often should we send our new billing to you?

If you use e-MDs®, the billing information that we need is fully accessible to our Billing Center. Nothing to send!

What information is needed, so that you are able to generate a claim on our behalf?

The information that would need to be entered into the patient’s chart would be:

  • Patient’s name and demographic information (updated)
  • Updated insurance information
  • A copy of the patient’s insurance card or ID card (front and back). That you easily scan into the system
  • CPT codes
  • ICD-9 code(s)
  • Referring physician’s name and NPI #

Again, if the provider is charting inside of e-MDs, all of these things will transfer automatically.

Who posts insurance payments?

Solor will post the payments for you. You will be responsible for scanning in copies of the checks and eobs. Once we receive the eobs, we usually begin posting them within 48 hours.

How do we report payments received from our patients, for both co-payments and patient billing?

You can easily post a patient’s co-payment directly to the account, at the time of service. Our billing office will post the pre-payment directly to the patient’s invoice. Because we document every transaction in your data base, Solor is able to generate its own report for each day’s transactions.

How often will our patients be billed?

Every patient in our system will receive a bill monthly for balances due, once all insurance carrier payments have been received. Most practices send out invoices twice a month. A-K last names around the first of the month, L-Z last names around the 15th of the month.

How do you handle non-payments from an insurance carrier? (Denials, etc.)

We must first determine if the denial, whether in part or in full, is valid. If the denial is valid it must be written off. If the denial is not valid, as in many cases, we will request that the carrier reprocess the claim. Calls and appeals are made and follow up is included with documentation made directly in e-MDs®.

How do you handle non-payments from a patient?

Our standard procedure is this:

We will send out an overdue notice to the patient if there is no payment, or if no attempt to make other arrangements is made within 30 days after we have heard back from insurance carriers. A follow up letter, is sent after 60 days of no payment.

After 120 days of non-compliance, we recommend that the account be turned over to a collection agency. We also recommend that the patient be dismissed from the practice permanently, or denied non-emergent treatments until his/her account has been paid. The overdue notices are customized and approved by your practice.

If your practice opts for the Collections Management Service: After 120 days of non-compliance, we will send the patient a registered letter with return receipt (signature) required, notifying them of the collections action that your office has established. If the patient does not comply, the account will be placed in collections, and the patients chart will be flagged as such, to avoid future appointments being made. We will monitor the account, and handle reporting payments to the collections agency. (The practice will be given a list of patients to approve for collections before the patient is sent.)

Do we have to collect every co-payment?

Absolutely! Not doing so is considered to be fraud and/or abuse, and it is also a possible violation of the contract entered between the patient and his/her insurance carrier…and even the providers and their own contract with the insurance carrier!
Aside from legal violations, the front end collections are the only guaranteed funds that a practice has, and it is simply good business management.

We prefer to send out our own patient statements, but we are interested in obtaining insurance claim processing services from you. Does your company offer this service?

Yes indeed! Please keep in mind, however, patient statement submission is best performed by your biller, who already has access to all account balances and other additional information. If we are already handling the insurance filing process, it makes sense to let our staff generate statements as needed.

Who answers patient questions regarding insurance payments?

Solor offers a convenient US-based toll free number for your patients to call regarding insurance responses/payments. We do defer questions regarding patient payments to the front office since we do not post those payments.

How many clients are you equipped to handle?

Our growing experienced staff meets the needs of our current clients. As an expanding business we continue to hire more associates to accommodate future growth. Therefore, we will consider any practice, regardless of their size, and ensure that we will be prepared to handle all of our clients’ needs.

We’ve never outsourced our billing before, and we are leaning towards taking on the responsibility of handling this area ourselves. What services can you offer to assist us in this process?

Our consulting services would be a perfect solution! We can assist you with staff training, organization, office policy & procedures, compliance, AR analysis, efficiency evaluations and more!

Why will you not accept a claim that is missing clinical information, instead of just looking up the patients’ history in the system?

This is considered fraud and abuse! All of the required information must be included in the patients chart on the date of service. We cannot “guess” or “assume” on your behalf exactly what services the provider performed, etc.

We just do not have the staff to keep up with the old accounts receivable. Do you offer A/R Recovery services?

Before writing off old claims which remain unpaid, Solor Billing Services will exhaust every avenue available to attempt the collection of monies due on claims previously submitted and uncollected. However, our fees for this service are customized to meet your specific needs and are based on the balance and status of your current accounts receivables.

Can you code our claims for us?

While we do have certified coders on our staff, we do not provide coding services, which should only be done by a certified coder or the providers. E-MDs software, when used properly, places the billable codes into the patient’s chart. Our billing staff then transfers the codes directly from the note into the claim, preventing data entry errors. Solor’s claim building team is always looking for coding trends. When Solor sees an issue arise, we will taskman the contact person from the practice and make them aware of it.

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