Should I Outsource My e-MDs Medical Billing?

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The big question facing private practices…

Should I Outsource My e-MDs Medical Billing Part 1 (It’s All About You)

As a specialized third party medical billing company for e-MDs® practices we are often asked, “Should we outsource our billing?”  It’s a great question that doesn’t always yield the same answer.  Here are some questions to consider:

Q: Why are you considering this move at all?

Do you suspect that your billing team is not collecting as much as they should?  Is the office drama driving you crazy? Are you looking for a change?  Are things just “not working”?  There needs to be a significant tangible reason to outsource because it is a significant paradigm shift in terms of how you look at your billing process.

Q: Are you a new practice or one that has been in existence for some time?

If your practice is just starting out, outsourcing is a great way to go.  It minimizes initial payroll costs and provides you with experts from Day 1.  If your practice has been around for a while, you’d need ask yourself an additional question:

Q: Is your current staff performing at a high level?

You invest a lot in your team.  Training, knowledge of your workflow, and familiarity are all difficult things to replace.  If members of your team are performing, then letting go of those people and some of the “Control” from having your billing leave the office could be a difficult one for you or your partners.  There are times when one person on a team is performing brilliantly and the others are not up to standard.  Dealing with the hiring and training of new staff can be overwhelming for an already busy office environment.

Q: What are your current major pain points?

Here are some of the main ones that prospects tell us:

  • Excessive write offs
  • Unsent batched of claims
  • Vaccine coding issues
  • Poor modifier usage
  • Poor secondary claim filing process
  • Lack of experienced personnel to whom you can escalate issues
  • Lack of consistent follow up

Some of these points can be easily addressed by outsourcing and some cannot.  How much money and time would it cost to educate your current staff on these issues?  Is it worth it to your practice remembering that staff turnover could potentially increase the cost?

Here are some brief pros and cons for outsourcing:


  • Increased manpower
  • Leveraged knowledge
  • Reduced office drama
  • Employee costs savings (health care, PTO, etc.)


  • Lack of “control”
  • EHR Compatibility
  • Ease of access to billing personnel

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Part two coming soon!

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