e-MDs Practice Billing Tip: Core Values Are Just As Important As Billing/ Clinical Prowess When Hiring

e-MDs Practice Billing Tip: Why Core Values Are Just As Important As Billing/ Clinical Prowess When Hiring

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Core Values are HUGE when hiring.

Whether you are looking for a biller to come in and work in your e-MDs practice, or you are looking a superstar Medical Assistant, Core Values alignment should be the number one thing you look for when making that hire.  Before I can convince you though, we need to dive deeper into core values and what Solor means by “Core Values”.

When some people think about core values, they tend to think that someone high up in the organization sat down in a room one day and said, “We need a vision, mission statement, and set of core values because good companies have those (or I read in a business book that they are important).”  Then the executive team (or in the medical field, the partners and Practice Manager) might sit down and discuss those.  A core values list is created of 4 to 5 “powerful” phrases.  Those phrases are put up in the Lobby, a meeting is held one time to tell everyone what the core values are, and everyone in the organization is now expected to have the new core values stamped into their very being.  The result: As my son’s Skylanders game would say in a not so happy voice… FAIL!!!

Core values should be as important in an e-MDs practice as they are to Amazon or Marriott.  The key is knowing how to properly define and then create them. Businessdictionary.com defines core values as “A principle that guides an organization’s internal conduct as well as its relationship with the external world.’” I don’t agree with that definition.  I believe your core values are defined by your conduct, not the other way around.  Marc Alan Schelske has a great article on this very topic.  http://www.marcalanschelske.com/real-or-aspirational-core-values/  In his article, he states something we at Solor have believed for years,

“You live according to your core values.  I’m not saying you should live by your core values or that you need to dream up a list of core values to live by. I’m telling you one of the most painful truths about life: You already live according to your core values. Already. Every day.  Show me your life and I will show you your core values.”

He goes on to talk about two kinds of core values: Authentic and Aspirational.  Your authentic core values are inherently who you are as a company. Do you treat each patient as if they were your only patient? Do your actions show that teamwork is a part of the very fabric of your team?  Authentic core values can’t be artificially engineered like a 7th grade science fair project.  They are what they are.

Aspirational values are those values that your company WANTS to be.  While those are great, Authentic values are far more important.  They influence the choices that your company makes on a daily basis.  Just like everything else in your organization, things that get measured get done.  Things that are done with intention, get done.  If you want your organization to be more intentional, focused, and goal driven, take some time to meet with your entire team and ask them: Who are we?  That will help identify your authentic core values and create buy in.  If you like what you hear, good for you.  If not, change needs to be made to your organization’s culture to shift its identity toward what your Aspirational values are.

Make sure to identify core values of your prospective team members before bringing them into your organization.  Before Solor looks at the e-MDs billing experience of our candidates, we send an email asking, “What are your personal core values and how do you live by those core values in the work place?”  You’ll get some very interesting responses.  You will also get a tiny look into the soul of a person to see if values matter to them or do they just give a stock answer.  If a candidate doesn’t align with our values, they don’t move forward in the hiring process.  It’s that simple.

Get those core values identified.  Once your Aspirational values match your Authentic values, the sky is the limit for what your organization can accomplish!!!

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