e-MDs Front Desk Tips For Maximizing Revenue : Part 4

e-MDs Front Desk Tips For Maximizing Revenue : Part 4  The Insurance For Insurance?

e-MDs Front Desk Tips

Insurance for insurance?

When we last left our hard-working front desk staffer, she had successfully collected the proper amount for Mr. Jones’ copay.  Yes!  Money in the door.  Now we need to make sure that we have “insurance for insurance”.  Wait. What?  What the heck is “insurance for insurance?”  Great question.  Insurance is defined in two ways.  The most important definition for this scenario is:


“a thing providing protection against a possible eventuality.”


The eventuality for us is that the insurance company will deny a claim.  We’re not always certain when it will happen, but it WILL happen (Sometimes even when the claim goes out properly, the procedure is covered, and the patient is a current subscriber.  SHOCKING, I know!!)    So what thing provides protection for this eventuality?  A copy of the patient’s insurance card.


If you have a copy of the current card, you have evidence that the patient is indeed covered at the time of service (when coupled with proper eligibility check prior to the visit).  Billers use the card to send in with corrected claims and numerous other things.  The card is as important to back end collections as collecting the copy is key to front end collections.  Make sure to scan the card so that is legible.  There should be settings on your scanner to scan grayscale and half tone if you are scanning into DocMan directly through a desktop scanner like Fujitsu.  If you are using the card scanner, this limits your options for changing settings.


Of course, e-MDs users also need to make sure that the insurance card information is entered correctly into the system.  See our video instructional on that here.


Collect those insurance cards.  Ask to see a copy of their current card at each visit.  This will help the practice avoid denials and costly delays in reimbursement.


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