e-MDs Billing Virtual Lesson: DocMan Workflow

e-MDs Billing Virtual Lesson: DocMan Workflow

Welcome everyone.  Today we are going to be looking at DocMan.  More specifically, how can DocMan increase your workflow efficiency by streamlining communication of scanned documents.

In most of the practices that we bring on, people use DocMan for scanning things like insurance cards, written communication received from other practices, and lab or procedure notes from work done outside of the office (consults and so forth).  When those documents are entered into the system they are scanned in and sent as a TaskMan to the person that needs to look at them (be that a Provider or Clinical staff member).  Once the provider sees the document, he or she decides if there are any actions that need to be taken, and then sends a TaskMan to the person that should take the action and explain the situation. That is certainly a great first step, but doesn’t close the loop when it comes to communicating.

What happens if you need to look back, let’s say a month from now to see what had happened with the lab report?  Were the labs normal? Did the patient get called with the results?  Was there a follow up visit scheduled?  All of those answers would be found in different locations inside e-MDs…..  Unless you used the “MEMO” function inside DocMan.  By using “memo”, you can have all of the information associated with that scanned image in one place.  Right at your fingertips.  Let’s get started.


Here we have already opened the DocMan application.

Open the patient that we want to view. (Minnie Mouse- AWI)

For this example, we’re going to use a document that has already been scanned.

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At the top of the screen, you’ll see a row of icons that extend the functionality of DocMan.  On the right side, you’ll see a pencil on an open book. e-MDs Billing


Hover over that for a moment and you’ll see that it says, “Memo”.  This will allow us to add a note to this scan that will stay with the scan FOREVER!!!  Let’s click on that.  A new window will appear.

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You will first need to decide if you want this memo to be a permanent part of the chart or if you want it to be removable, select the “Sticky Memo” dot.

Then simply fill out the box with any information that you want to convey (lab results normal, please call patient to schedule appointment, please call Cardiologist for a consult, etc.).  We’ll use “Dr. C, Please review.”

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Then we will hit “OK”.

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Now you have a memo that will travel with that document forever.  For our needs in this example, we need to send this to Dr. C for him to review.  We simply click on the yellow envelope at the top of the screen.

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That will open TaskMan and automatically attach the DocMan file.

Here we simply, select Dr. C from our quick list.  Then in the subject line, we can put in the patient’s last name and first initial.  You can add more information or not depending on your practice workflow.  Once you are ready, simply click on the “Send” button and then Dr. C will receive the TaskMan in his inbox.

e-MDs Billing

Once he opens the attachment, it will show the comment you left.  He can then add his own comment by clicking on the yellow sticky note button on the left.  Once he has added his comment or action that he wants someone to take, he will hit the yellow envelope button to send the TaskMan to the person who needs to take the next action.

By using this back and forth process, the practice will be better protected and provide better patient care because all information and communication for the image will be captured and easy to access in the future.  This process is certainly better than sticky notes passed around the office.   It’s also better than simply sending TaskMan messages that have lots of details that may or may not be able to be tracked later.

The majority of the clinics that we work with LOVE this feature when we introduce it.  It will take a bit of time to implement, like any procedure.  Having said that, we think it will be well worth it to your staff long term.


We hope you enjoyed this video and have some practical advice to take back to your clinic.  For more e-MDs tips and tricks as well as other billing advice, please visit our website at www.mysolor.com.  As a third party provider of billing services that only serves e-MDs practices, we’d be happy to answer any questions you might have.  Thanks for reading and have a great day!

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