Best e-MDs Tips and Tricks Videos

Best e-MDs Tips and Tricks (Video Version)


Over the course of the past year, we’ve created a ton of content for e-MDs users.  We like saving practices time and energy. Our tips and tricks help get the most out of the e-MDs software. This week we look at the best video e-MDs tips and tricks over the last year.

#5 TaskMan Short List

Who is this tip for?  Practices that have different facilities.   Different provider groups that only work with certain staff.   Folks who have frequently used contacts or groups in TaskMan.  This tip has saved our practices countless hours of time.


#4 Entering A Pre-Payment

This is simple yet critical part of documenting practice collections.   It is often misused and can affect your reporting ability.


#3 Till Reconciliation and Prepayment Reports

This video is a back to basics video for front desk team members.  It suggests the best way to reconcile your daily receipts.


#2 Notice Processor

This topic was a hit.  Both clinical and clerical teams loved this hidden gem.  It is used primarily as a letter generator.  However, it’s real power comes in being able to mine your database for data.  You can filter the data in numerous ways.  Want to see all of your male patients, on Medicare, over 65, who are currently on Caduet?  Notice processor can handle it.  AND, it can print an interactive list of patients with their contact information!


#1 Creating Frequently Used Shortcuts

This is certainly our most popular training video.  It is especially helpful on the clinical side.  Providers can replace a long hand typed sentence that is frequently used with a three digit keystroke!


It’s our pleasure to provide these e-MDs tips and tricks to you.  As always, let us know if we can be of assistance to your practice by filling out the contact form below.

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