They were a struggling 3 provider pediatric group in western North Carolina.  Their practice manager was their biller.  She had years of experience on e-MDs® but had been self taught.  This led to huge gaps in e-MDs® billing knowledge.  As a result, the practice’s collections suffered.  They approached Solor for help.  Here were the results

  • Their collections for the 12 months prior to Solor: $785,930
  • ($65,494/ Month)
  • For the 7.75 months with Solor: $763,029
  • ($95,378/ Month)
  • That is a 45.6% increase!!  ($29,884/ Month)
  • Practice Owner: “I just wanted to thank you so much.  A lot of people promise a lot of things.  You all have followed through and have done so much for us.  I can’t thank you enough!!”
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