Billing Specialists for e-MDs® Practices – It was the typical two-provider e-MDs® internal medicine practice: Two providers performing excellent services to their happily satisfied patients. Their biller had just left of her own accord and now the practice was stuck with a choice. Do they hire another person to take over or do they outsource their billing to Solor, a specialized billing company who works solely with e-MDs® practices? They chose to hire Solor.

The Solor staff came in and did an immediate practice analysis looking at claims submissions data, posting habits, unnecessary write-offs. Solor soon found that the previous biller had stopped filing secondary insurances months before she left.None of the owners or staff had any idea. Solor began the process of cleaning up the secondary inactivity and within a few months of coming on board, less than 9.3% of the practice’s accounts receivable were more than 180 days old. The owner was quoted as saying that Solor was “A gift from God. If you ever need a reference, put me at the top of the list!”

–Mark Zawodniak, MD- Ashe Internal Medicine, Jefferson, NC

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