Billing & Collections

Prospective clients frequently inquire, “Do you facilitate billing for CGM eMDs® practices?” They often follow up with a query about the array of software we employ for our billing operations. Our response, however, is tailored to your preference: “Which software platform do you employ?” At Solor, we prioritize the recruitment of adept and versatile team members. Our professionals boast extensive proficiency across diverse Electronic Health Record (EHR) systems. Irrespective of the EHR you utilize, we are committed to achieving mastery of your specific system well before initiating the first claim submission. This meticulous approach yields tangible outcomes in our clients’ revenue collections.

Our established methodology for revenue cycle management has consistently delivered prompt claim payment receipt, often within a span of fewer than three weeks from submission with major carriers. This swift reimbursement cycle considerably diminishes the duration claims linger in accounts receivable, resulting in a streamlined collection process. One of the tings that sets Solor apart is the specialization inherent in each team member responsible for managing your account. Our collaborative approach involves up to five distinct team members working cohesively to ensure comprehensive oversight and thorough pursuit of each claim to its ultimate resolution.

Our full service billing package includes:

• Coordinate all clearinghouse setup
• Preparation of invoices
• Edit claims
• Transmit claims electronically to clearinghouse
• Claims follow up
• Patient billing
• Weekly invoice documentation
• Monthly revenue reports
• Follow up on exceptions and denials
• Responding to patient billing questions via dedicated toll-free telephone number
• Purging inactive accounts
• Posting incoming insurance payments
• Transmitting patient statements
• Customized reports
• Up to eight hours of on site training on Solor processes

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